eeZee Pay eeZee pay

The mobile payment solution with a purpose! An eeZee to use, global solution for consumers and merchants.

  • Global usage in eeZee network with one time customer registration
  • Bank independent
  • Very eeZee to integrate with existing solutions
  • Low total cost of operation

eeZee taxi eeZee Taxi

eeZee taxi is our global all-in-one taxi booking and payment solution. Can also be used as a white label solution for local taxi companies.

  • eeZee pay directly integrated
  • Integrated in taximeter or stand-alone solution
  • Local, national or global fleets
  • Rebrand with your company logos
  • Works with eeZee pos

eeZee travel eeZee Travel

The ultimate in instant mobile ticketing solutions! A low cost and easy to use and operate solution for buses, trains, trams, underground and ferries.

  • Tickets are issued instantly for use on mobile devices
  • Resellers functionality — e.g. buy airport train ticket through the taxi app
  • Transport, festivals and more

eeZee POS eeZee POS

The smart and eeZee way to send payments from your phone or tablet. Works with iOS and Android. Send payments to eeZee pay merchants or credit card terminals.

  • Tool for customers to send payments to our card terminals or mobile phones running eeZee pay
  • Directly integrated against eeZee pay
  • Rebrand with your company logos
  • Add payment reference for reporting and transaction matching
  • Global solution

eeZee Web eeZee Web

The smart and eeZee way to send mobile payments from your web browser.

  • Built in MoTo solution — take card payments over the phone
  • Live overview of all transactions
  • Get paid before you do the job
  • Use instead of invoice

eeZee Shop eeZee Shop

eeZee shop is an online payment solution that attaches to your shopping cart.

  • Best API for e-shops and web pages
  • Send payments from your web shop to eeZee pay/mobile phone
  • The easiest way to pay online
  • Supports all major credit cards as well as eeZee pay and Apple Pay

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