The Payment House attracts more attention 2019

Published 2019-04-24

Mobile payments are the future of commerce and is rapidly growing as the number of smartphone users increase to billions, more people are engaged and spend hours using their smartphones making it easier to benefit from the mobile revolution and understand the maximum value out of the wide range of marketing benefits that eeZee pay app provides.

eeZee pay app is changing the old fashioned way of paying for things and is growing popularity for golf courses, avoiding the need for handling cash, such as paying for token, or paying golf PRO lessons and walking back and forward to the club house instead of being able to pay immediately. The main reason is that eeZee pay represent an incredibly powerful marketing platform for selling pro shop items, driving range balls, special offers and even food & beverage. eeZee pay will help the golf course to improve performance and easier keep track of their revenue streams. For the golfers the app is easy to use and handled both older and new generation to come. 

The Payment House is happy to present some new golf courses adopting eeZee pay technology:

Nordsjø Golfpark, Norway.

Grønmo Golfklubb, Norway.

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Örebro City Golf & Country Club, Sweden.

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Åkagårdens Golfklubb, Sweden.

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Tyrufjord Golf, Norway.

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Hamilton Collage, USA.

And more golf clubs to be presented within short!!

eeZee pay is ready for the world wide market and for all types of industries, contact us to add your business.

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