Swedbank & The Payment House Team up

Swedbank and The Payment House team up to provide a competitive state of the art offering to the SME market in Sweden. The offering is based on the eeZee...

The Payment House is expanding into Germany

  The Payment House is expanding into Germany. The first installation of eeZee Pay is at Golf&more in Düsseldorf / Duisburg. Our payment APP– eeZee Pay – can be...

The first golf clubs to join eeZee Pay’s network!

The interest of eeZee Pay is growing, more golf clubs are joining eeZee Pay’s network and we will soon be in 29 countries together with Range Servant. Here are...

Sales & Marketing Manager

Due to our business expansions, we are now recruiting for a resource to head our Sales & Marketing. TPH_Sales_and_Marketing_Annonse_Final_pdf
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