RFI-RFP processes

Are you planning to replace or upgrade your existing payment solutions?

The Payment House can assist you in your RFI/RFP process. The earlier we come into the process, the easier it is for you to end up as a happy customer!

Many companies looking to replace or upgrade existing payment solutions ask their existing supplier for help with the RFI process. This often leads to biased system demands that few or only the existing supplier can offer. In many cases this ends up with you paying too much and/or operating systems that are not optimal for your use.

Before we start the RFI process we:

  • Do a full analysis of your payment systems
  • Do a full evaluation on what you actually need today and likely upgrades in the near future

We also:

  • Assist you in evaluating offers from suppliers
  • Assist you in negotiating agreements with all suppliers
  • Help you with integrations, both front and back end
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