Changing products, acquirers and solution suppliers

Many companies choose not to make a simple decision to change acquirer as they fear the consequences it may have. The fear is that changes or “rocking the boat” often leads to more expensive solutions and/or lead to the loss of important customer transactions. In todays competitive environment between suppliers, it is very important to have the right solutions that service your customers through all payment channels.

The Payment House and our partners have many years of experience in implementing new payment solutions. We know the dangers, potholes and obstacles that are often encountered and we know all the tricks in the book to make sure our clients have a smooth ride even in the most complex projects. Depending on your companies needs for assistance, we can assist you on any level, at any stage in the process.

Some of the things you should think about when moving:

  • Are we ready to start this project?
  • Are all agreements ready and registered?
  • Have we understood everything in the tiny text paragraphs?
  • Are new routines in place?
  • Are we buying the right products?
  • Are we getting the right level of services?
  • Is the new equipment tested and ready for use?
  • Are the solutions tested in a “live” environment and fault free?
  • Can the new equipment be used at all of our points of sale?
  • Have the employees received training?
  • Are back-up solutions in place, tested and working?
  • Do I understand everything above and do I really understand the business impacts and financial consequences of trading if this is not in place?

By letting us manage or assist in your process, you can rest assured that the your project is in the very best of hands.

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